• Die Top-Anlaufstelle bei wirtschaftsrechtlichen Streitverfahren

    The number one place to go for commercial disputes

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    The Commercial Court

    The Commercial Court is a highly efficient court with distinguished judges based in Stuttgart and Mannheim which specialises in major commercial and international disputes.

    As a state institution, the Commercial Court coordinates with the parties involved in order to arbitrate cases with the utmost impartiality and reliability in quick, effective proceedings involving the latest communication technology.

    For businesses, this makes the Commercial Court the number one place to go when a dispute arises. In the Commercial Court, the certainty and quality of German legislation are what matter.

    The advantages of the Commercial Court

    Learn what makes the Commercial Court the number one place to go for your business in the event of a commercial dispute.

    • The judges at the Commercial Court are impartial and subject only to the law.
    • The Commercial Court works quickly, dynamically and efficiently. Proceedings are completed within short time frames. This is made possible by the exceptional staff at the Court and its guarantee that proceedings can also be held in English.
    • Moderate court fees apply on the basis of a transparent schedule of fees which is set out by the law.
    • The parties are free to decide whether or not there are to be stages of appeal.